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InterRisk healthcare plans for companies

InterRisk healthcare plans

InterRisk healthcare plans for companies

InterRisk has developed various healthcare plans ensuring, among other, cashless access to specialized physicians. It provides specialized services such as diagnostic and laboratory tests, rehabilitation and dentistry. InterRisk medical care is available in a network of healthcare facilities located throughout Poland.

InterRisk medical plans include:

  • care of experienced specialists in different fields of medicine,
  • E-Consultations,
  • diagnostics with the possibility of performing highly specialized diagnostic tests,
  • dentistry,
  • Emergency assistance – open 7 days a week and a 24-hour medical hotline,
  • Home visits that give patient a sense of security in the event of an emergency,
  • one-day surgery services in the most extensive packages.

More than 30

different healtcare plan options in one place

Even 2600

best private healthcare facilities in Poland at your service

41 specialties

Access to up to 41 medical specialties

Easy way

Dedicated specialist that will help you complete the formalities efficiently

Discover many offers in one place – receive package offers in as little as 1 hour

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and get access to healthcare facilities such as
ENEL-MED, Damian Medical Center, Luxmed, Polmed, Scanmed, Swissmed, Multimed, Promedis and many others

Explore the healthcare plan offers from various medical service providers in one place. We have been advising our clients for 15 years.
We will contact you to determine your individual needs. You will receive package offers in as little as 1 hour


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